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Hemp Oil is the new 'old' way to heal the body.

Hemp is the newest old way to heal your body in the Alternative Medicine world. If you suffer from any chronic pain, fatigue, stress, digestive disorders, circulatory disorders, mental illnesses, or even life threatening diseases, Hemp oil has been proven to either alleviate the symptoms to the point of allowing a person to live like a normal human being, or completely reverse the disease.


Below is information regarding Prime My Body's amazing Recept Hemp Oil system, which is enhanced with Nanoliposomal encapsulation, which means it is absorbed that much quicker into the blood stream to begin the process of bring the body into Homeostasis.

On the Left: An explanation of how the use of Nano liposomal encapsulation allows for the Hemp oil to be absorbed into the blood stream. By taking up to four pumps under the tongue, the oil quickly flows into the bloodstream and begins the process of bring the body into Homeostasis.



The benefits of Hemp Oil have been extensively studied within the last decade at least, and especially once it was legalized once more in the United States. Cannabinoids are compounds found both in Hemp as well as Marijuana, but since Hemp is the mother plant to Marijuana, cannabinoids are higher within Hemp without the high levels of THC found in Marijuana.


With the new system that has sonicated the nanoparticles of Hemp, the absorption rate is higher and lasts longer.  

If you would like more information on Hemp oil and to hear amazing testimonials from people whose lives have changed drastically from this, please call us at 715-342-1050. Or you can go to our Prime My Body website at PrimeMyBody.SRTllc

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